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The products manufactured at Farmasol S.r.l. are classified as Medical Devices and meets all requirements of the European Pharmacopeia and of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent updates and amendments for CE Marking.

In particular the products are classified in three main categories:

Haemodialysis Solutions with Acetic Acid
Haemodialysis Solutions with Hydrochloric Acid (Acetate free)
Haemodialysis Solutions with Citric Acid


can be dispensed in a wide range of primary containers: rigid or flexible, in PVC or PVC free, with a volume from 1 up to 5,4 litres, with many different closure system like breakable konus, vials, injection point.
The production cover all formulations contemplate by European Pharmacopeia including those without acetate and those with citrate.
The company is running a project for the development of a new primary container called “SBS ONE” realized with a monolayer polyolefin of new generation. The industrialization of this new container is foreseen by the end of 2016.


Production Facility is located in Balvano (PZ), in an industrial area near a motorway. The location guarantees an easy and quick connection with the main motorways and railways and with the main harbours of Southern Italy. The plant cover an area of 3.000 sqm on an area of 11.000 sqm.The first Farmasol production plant was located in Tito Scalo’s Industrial Zone but, in 2010, the activity was transferred in a new plant in Baragiano Scalo’s Industrial Zone.The transfer of the activity was done to increase the production capacity and the qualitative standard to full conform to the GMP and to offer to the customer competitiveness by the employment of high tech systems and advanced machinery.

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