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Farmasol has a long and deep experience in production of Concentrate Solutions for Haemodialysis. The Company keeps a close cooperation with its customers aimed at continuous products innovation and implementation of primary containers and closure systems.


Company Head Quarter and the Production Facility are located in Balvano (PZ), in an industrial area near a motorway. The location guarantees an easy and quick connection with the main motorways and railways and with the main harbours of Southern Italy.

The plant cover an area of 3.000 sqm on an area of 11.000 sqm.

The first Farmasol production plant was located in Tito Scalo’s Industrial Zone but, in 2010, the activity was transferred in a new plant in Baragiano Scalo’s Industrial Zone.


Zona Ind.e di Baragiano Scalo - Balvano 85050 (PZ)
Coordinate 40.689218, 15.571974



Farmasol srl, is a full service provider to the Pharmaceutical Industries specialized in development, registration and production of concentrate solutions for haemodialysis.


Farmasol consider R&S a crucial activity for the present and the future of the company. The R&S department works closely to its client to increase quality of the products and to develop new chemical formulation or new packaging system.

The co-operation with clients start with the product formulationphase and continues in the product pre-industrialization and industrialization, including the production ofpilot batches, stability studies for registrations, production of batches for clinical trials, ongoing stability, validation of production process and analytical methods. Thanks to the qualified Services offered, to the high technology and flexibility of production process and to the high qualitative standards, the Company signed relevant commercial agreements with the main players in the field of Haemodialysis Therapies.



The companies FARMASOL S.R.L. and ADVANCED POLYMER MATERIALS (APM) S.R.L. with the support of the C.S.G.I. Research Organization. (Inter-university Consortium for the Development of Large Interphase Systems – Siena Operational Unit) have developed a research and development project, called “New polymer blends for the development and transformation of eco-sustainable raw materials to be used for the creation of innovative bags for medicines injectable liquids”, which had the support of the European Regional Development Fund – PON – Axis 1 Investment priority 1.b Action 1.1.3 TR.


The ultimate aim of the research and development project is to develop new polymer blends based on thermoplastic elastomers with thermo-mechanical properties similar to the plasticized PVC currently in use, for the production of prototypes of bags for non-sterilizable injectable liquids , but fully recyclable and recoverable, without prejudice to their complete compliance with the characteristics required by the current Pharmacopoeia; the innovation program also includes the development of the industrial production process of the new bags.


The main results acquired are listed:

  • Study, design and development of polymeric mixtures for the production of bags for liquid drugs made with thermoplastic elastomers of the polyolefin type (TPE-O), styrenic type (TPE-S) and polyurethane type (TPE-P)

  • Verification of the industrial feasibility of bags for liquid drugs using TPE-O, TPE-S and TPE-P films with flat die film extrusion technology. Optimization of production process parameters.

  • Application of quality control methods for bags prepared with sterilizable and non-sterilizable TPE-O, TPE-S and TPE-P. Identification of the different types of bags with materials obtained with the different types of polymeric materials responding to the industrialization requests of the reference market.

  • Identification and verification of the parameters of the bag filling process, applications of the developed quality control methods and indication of the expiry of injectable liquid drugs. Reproducibility and preparation of the technical and safety data sheets of the bags with indications on their disposal at the end of their life cycle.

  • Verification of compliance with the requirements required by Pharmacopoeia for the prototypes of bags developed with the various types of thermoplastic elastomers.

  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), of the production and disposal cycle of containers and/or polymer bags for injectable aqueous solutions. ​ The results described above were all successfully achieved.

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